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Novedades Racer Enero 09
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jueves, 22 de enero de 2009
  Riley Mk.xx Daytona 24H
Racer, marca italiana de pura artesanía y reconocida en el mercado por su altísima calidad de coches fabricados en resina da un paso adelante con catálogo de coches fabricados integramente en plástico englobados en la gama Sideways.

Para dar el paso a este mercado, se ha decidido por un modelo poco conocido en Europa pero con un gran auge en USA, los Daytona Prototypes; una base mecánica similar y una altas restricciones en la aerodinámica provocan una gran igualdad en las carreras.

Las dos primeras referencias disponibles, ambas participantes en las 24h. Daytona, son:

RC-SW0001 Riley Mk.XX Aim Autosport.
RC-SW0002 Riley Mk.XX Matthews Motorsports.
Una carrocería al nivel de lo esperado por esta marca está repleta de detalles; desde el más mínimo enganche, tirante, retrovisor, antenas, piloto completo, simulación del motor, etc.. Esta cantidad de detalles unida a una tampografía completa realzan la alta calidad de acabado que se ofrece.


  Para la parte mecánica, Racer Sideways confía plenamente en un fabricante de alta y probada tecnología punta como es, siendo todo el chasis completo totalmente desarrollado por este y utiliza el 100% de su piezas.

Al utilizar el sistema de bancada intercambiable de permite el uso de todos los motores así como todas las configuraciones de posición del motor, incluida la del motor largo en posición anglewinder.

Como pieza adicional innovadora incorpora de serie una pequeña barra de torsión ajustable mediante 4 tornillos justo detrás del soporte de ejes delantero.
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Joakim Noah ankle sprain
Posted image
The Bulls boss eber du, said that the team's center Joakim Noah because of an ankle sprain, play and 76 people can the east of game 4 of the first round is unknown.
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Friday's loss to 76 people in the team in the match, Nuoh midway through the third quarter a sprained ankle, he landed feet on the andrei YiGeDaLa feet, Nuoh immediately fell, he grabbed his left foot ankle pain expression.
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At present eighth seed 76 people in this round the series 2-1 lead, and submit an expense account opening season in Ross, after winning their two games.
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Both sides of the game 4 will continue to in 76, people home.
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May 7,, the first round of the playoffs to continue, and 76 people at home to a 89-82 victory over the bulls, big score 3-1 lead, get the first round match point. Spencer hawes 22 points and eight rebounds, and-HuoLiDi 20 points and eight rebounds six assists.
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The bull is facing the risk of eight black, a twisted his ankle in the absence of NuoA, carlos boozer 23 points and 11 rebounds, CJ-Watson 17 points, tower Iraq Gibson 14 points and 12 rebounds.
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In the history of the NBA 4 times of bayi black, it is respectively last year's Memphis black to drop the spurs in 2007, the golden state, the 1999 New York knicks and 1994 years of the Denver nuggets.
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And since 2001, Allen iverson led 76 people to the NBA finals since, this is 76 people first playoff win their next three games.
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HuoLiDi fully silent for three day and a half, the first five 3-pointers all lost, he hit a record three points, to help 76 people got the lead to 77-73, the next hits, 76 people have put the lead to lead seven points.
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Bynum said the third war himself did not ready

This season, bynum in the lakers' offense for more offensive in the burden, so the lakers 7-footer hard steps and balance inside.
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He said he was late on Friday to arena after he has shortened the preparation activities.
"Yesterday we practice a little more, I'm late, so I don't have enough time." "But I will carefully prepared for the game tomorrow." Bynum added.
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Bynum did not specify the cause of the downturn himself, but he also admitted that, once in the Denver nuggets leading 24 points, a half 55-and lead, his attitude was certain

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In the lakers' the defeat, bynum in the first half, the only shot three times, he had 18 points and 12 rebounds.
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But in rebounds this a, he and pau gasol to the Denver post combination Keith-law young Reid and jia-this was. Both sides rebounds for 19-number 30.
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