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Recambios para Pagani Zonda de MB-Slot
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Escrito por Victor   
martes, 05 de febrero de 2008

MB-Slot, ya ha puesto a disposición de todos nosotros los primeros recambios slot para el Pagani Zonda, los que podemos encontrar con las siguientes referencias: 

  • MB-A0723 Neumáticos delanteros y posteriores.
  • MB-A0724 transparencias (cristales y cúpula)
  • MB-A0725 transparencias (cristales y cúpulas) en lexán.
  • MB-A0729 Alerones y retrovisores.
  • MB-A0732 Cojinetes bronze
  • MB-A0726 Soporte eje delantero
  • MB-A0727 Soporte eje delantero para semiejes.

Hay que destacar también el nuevo chasis que han sacado para este mismo coche slot en versión anglewinder y sus correspondientes soportes para motores largos y cortos.

  • MB-A0719 Chasis AW
  • MB-A0720 Chasis In-line
  • MB-A0721 Soporte motor AW
  • MB-A0722 Soporte motor In-line
  • MB-A0730 Soporte para motor corto
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Updated Thursday March 8, 3.29pm: The Duchess of Cambridge has selected 20-year-old Becka Hunt as the young footwear designer to create her a bespoke pair of shoes. The royal chose from six styles made by De Montfort University students, as part of a competition launched last month.
The winning pair, which will now be made and worn by the Duchess, were inspired by 19th Century designs and her take on Catherine's personal style. The chosen shoes were made using blue suede, feature delicate lace beading and an open front.
"I am absolutely overwhelmed, excited and amazed," said Hunt. "The attention I have had since I was announced as the winner is all a little scary to be honest, but I have to say it has been great fun and hopefully this will be good for a future career."
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